My name is Michele Beaulieux, and on this blog site I share my writings, drawings, and photos about envisioning a culture of consent, creating accountable communities, and preventing sexual violence.

Reminder from the sidewalk: TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER
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I’m creating a reservoir of hope, and I invite you to peruse it. I offer commentary on current events that model—or fail to model—a culture of consent. I discuss creating safer brave space for voluntary get-togethers, especially those involving touch and those in which people risk vulnerability, such as contact improvisation dance jams. I also share information on the My Choice Decision Navigator and Our Choices Solution Facilitator I’m developing for people impacted by sexual violence.

I have no illusions: the journey to a culture of consent is long. To persevere, we need hope, a belief in a positive future. This reservoir of hope is sustaining me, and I offer it to you. We can draw on its reserves when we need encouragement. I continue to add to it, so please subscribe below for email notifications of new content. Or follow on Medium where I crosspost most posts. And please share your thoughts and reflections with me by email or in comments.

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