Liz Tells Miriam about the My Choice Decision Navigator

The PrOACT Decision Elements are the Foundation of the My Choice Decision Navigator.

In this fictional scenario, Liz, a college junior, explains the My Choice Decision Navigator to Miriam, a first year student, after Miriam confides that Gabe, another first year student, sexually assaulted her and she is at a loss to figure out what to do. The trio are featured in a virtual poster that Michael Runge … Continue reading Liz Tells Miriam about the My Choice Decision Navigator

Presenting on Survivor-Centered Decision Making

I am presenting a virtual poster about the decision navigator and solution facilitator that I'm developing for people impacted by sexual violence at the 2nd Annual Public Summit of the Action Collaborative to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Higher Education on October 19, 2020 at 2:30PM CDT. I am grateful for my co-presenter, U.S. Geological Survey decision scientist and research … Continue reading Presenting on Survivor-Centered Decision Making

My Path to Decision Making after Sexual Violence

25 Years Later: The Email BlessingOil Pastel on Paper © 2020 Michele Beaulieux I, Michele Beaulieux, am facilitating a free two-part Zoom workshop, Decision Making After Sexual Violence sponsored by the University of Chicago Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention Programming Center on May 16 and 30, 2020. People often ask me how I came to … Continue reading My Path to Decision Making after Sexual Violence

A Call for Co-Strugglers

DEMAND JUSTICE © 2018 Michele Beaulieux Black and Indigenous activists call for white people, like myself, to go beyond being allies—merely being supportive—to take race struggles on as our own. In the Indigenous rights and #blacklivesmatter movements, such people have been described as accomplices, co-conspirators, collaborators, and comrades. In organizational and institutional settings, they may … Continue reading A Call for Co-Strugglers

Notes on Language in this Blog

we all live here

we all live here © 2017 Michele Beaulieux In this post I define and discuss the terms consent and sexual violence; cultures such as consent culture with community accountability and rape culture. I also define the terms I use for people: people who have harmed, also known as violators and aggressors; people who have experienced … Continue reading Notes on Language in this Blog

Decision Navigator in the News

Below are my articles and media mentions on the Our Choices Decision Navigator and Solution Facilitator that I am developing for people impacted by sexual violence. The Decision Navigator customizes the PrOACT decision-making framework for decisions that victim-survivors face. The acronym, PrOACT, stands for Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Tradeoffs. Posts on this blog about the Decision Navigator and Solution … Continue reading Decision Navigator in the News