My Rejected Letters to The New Yorker

My identical twin, Jacqueline, a magazine journalist, rates getting an article published in The New Yorker the pinnacle of success. So when her letter to the editor was published, I got it framed for her. I took partial credit for the coup because her authority to write about twinship came from our shared DNA. I … Continue reading My Rejected Letters to The New Yorker

Decision Navigator in the News

Below are my articles and media mentions on the Our Choices Decision Navigator and Solution Facilitator that I am developing for people impacted by sexual violence. The Decision Navigator customizes the PrOACT decision-making framework for decisions that victim-survivors face. The acronym, PrOACT, stands for Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Tradeoffs. Posts on this blog about the Decision Navigator and Solution … Continue reading Decision Navigator in the News