Restoring a Lyric for Generations

Holy Is Your Name arranged by Tony Alonso If I had to choose only one thing to do to foster a culture of consent, I would choose creating, singing, and promoting song lyrics that chronicle and celebrate healthy human relationships, call out social inequities, and advocate for social justice. Song lyrics embed in our subconscious … Continue reading Restoring a Lyric for Generations

Let’s ‘Lift the Lowly High’ in Liturgical Music

(Unsplash/Haley Rivera) In this post, I summarize the two commentaries I've written in response to the decades in which church music composer David Haas continued to abuse women unchecked. My most recent commentary sees an opportunity for raising nonwhite, non-male voices, and my first commentary discusses what community accountability looks like. Composer and theologian Tony … Continue reading Let’s ‘Lift the Lowly High’ in Liturgical Music