The Beaulieu Tools for Creating Safer Brave Spaces

Colorful empty chairs around a fire pit

Help in finding and creating safer brave spaces for contact improvisation jams and other voluntary group gatherings Campfire Circle Ready for Us © 2021 Michele Beaulieux On this page, I provide tools for answering the question: Is a group gathering in which people are voluntarily participating a “safer brave space,"—a place where being brave is … Continue reading The Beaulieu Tools for Creating Safer Brave Spaces

A Call for Co-Strugglers

DEMAND JUSTICE © 2018 Michele Beaulieux Black and Indigenous activists call for white people, like myself, to go beyond being allies—merely being supportive—to take race struggles on as our own. In the Indigenous rights and #blacklivesmatter movements, such people have been described as accomplices, co-conspirators, collaborators, and comrades. In organizational and institutional settings, they may … Continue reading A Call for Co-Strugglers

Notes on Language in this Blog

we all live here

we all live here © 2017 Michele Beaulieux In this post I define and discuss the terms consent and sexual violence; cultures such as consent culture with community accountability and rape culture. I also define the terms I use for people: people who have harmed, also known as violators and aggressors; people who have experienced … Continue reading Notes on Language in this Blog

What is Contact Improvisation?

Michele Beaulieux presented "A Call for CI Citizens" at the Future of CI 3-Day International Online Conference April 23-25, 2021. For those unfamiliar with Contact Improvisation, I provide quick definitions and references on this page. What is Contact Improvisation? Contact Improvisation is a dance form that dancers make up as they go along; dancers’ entire … Continue reading What is Contact Improvisation?